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The Future for Indexation

Our Commitment

ILIM is committed to the ongoing development of new funds to meet the developing needs of our clients. As company pension plans move from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution different investment needs are arising. In addition, the investment decisions made today will need to be reviewed as members' progress through their working lives.
With this in mind, ILIM has recently introduced the following funds:
Emerging Markets Indexed Fund: The Irish Life Indexed Emerging Market Fund is designed to give investors:
  • The fund is designed to give exposure to global Emerging Markets and to achieve global Emerging Markets
    equity returns on a consistent basis and in an efficient and cost effective manner. 
  • Typically investors will invest in Emerging Markets as part of an overall diversified portfolio. 
  • This fund is designed for trustees seeking potentially higher returns from a broader equity base. 
  • Emerging Markets involve higher risk than investments in Developed Markets. 
Commodities Indexed Fund: The Irish Life Commodity fund is an indexed fund whose assets are invested in Commodity-related Exchange Traded Funds. The aim is to deliver a return based on the Commodities asset class. Commodities historically have offered equity-like risk-return characteristics, low correlation to other assets and a hedge against inflation
  • The fund currently targets a return of...
    • 50% Goldman Sachs Commodity Total Return Index (GSCI) and 
    • 50% Goldman Sachs Non-Energy Total Return Index (GSNE) 
  • The fund is suitable for members who wish to add diversifying assets to a multi-asset class portfolio. 
  • Irish Life invest today in a 50-50 mix of the ETFs above but reserve the right to change either the target mix or the assets held. The mix is designed to deliver broad exposure to all commodities and avoid excessive concentration in the energy sector. 
  • The AXA "EasyETF"s are chosen as the most cost efficient tools in the market for Commodities exposure. 

Corporate Bond Fund: The Irish Life Corporate Bond Fund is designed to give investors exposure to European Corporate Bonds by tracking the Merrill Lynch EMU Large Cap Corporate Index.  The fund adopts an optimised indexed strategy and provides an investor with the following benefits:

  • Diversification Benefits 
  • Higher Yield than a government equivalent index 
  • Lower Duration